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A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat.

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About Paint Failure.

What are the usual reasons for paint failure? Paint failure on exterior siding is becoming more and more common and recognized by accumulated layers of paint that simply starts falling off, cracking or looking bad.

Many issues cause the paint to fail.

  1. Moisture build-up
  2. Caulked horizontal seams preventing moisture from escaping
  3. Inadequate surface preparation prior to painting
  4. To many layers of paint
  5. Surfaces sanded prior to painting causing insufficient paint adhesion
  6. Water leaks in the walls or from the roof
  7. Moisture from trees growing to close to the house preventing insufficient air circulation
  8. Incompatible paint (ome types of paint do not adhere to each other)
  9. Relentless sun exposure
  10. Poor quality wood

Water is a common culprit for paint failure and must be corrected as the first step. Pipes should be repaired and trees should be cut back from the house. Moisture trapped behind exterior siding can be corrected by removing the paint from the surface and caulk from seams allowing the moisture to escape.

The best method for removing both is with infrared heat. Infrared heat will soften the paint and the caulk at the same time making it easy to scrape off. Surface preparation is 90% of a paint job. A project that appears to be overwhelming should be broken down into steps over time. Start with the most urgent issue and complete a smaller area based on time and financial restrictions. By experiencing the completion within reasonable time is very rewarding and reduces stress. In the end seeing an old structure with details from the past brings satisfaction and pride.

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